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About The Sublime Woman

The Sublime Woman aka Ksenia Sita is a Slavic woman living in the US with her husband, daughter and three dogs. She speaks three languages: Russian, English and French (and a little Spanish somewhere deep inside). Her passion for femininity and women’s practices led her to start this blog. She has been writing about femininity and womanhood in different areas: health, beauty, spirituality and pure womanhood.

She combines the knowledge and experience of manners and etiquette, together with feminine behavior socially, and ancient mystical women’s practices coming from the Vedic tradition. Studying Vedas is her long time passion. With it came love to Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic astrology and vegetarianism. All of these are now harmoniously combined in her writing.

Recently, she started offering her services in the same areas as she gained enough knowledge and experience to be able to help women practically now. Ksenia facilitates online (and offline in future) Women’s Circles, offers energy healing sessions and femininity consultations, reads astrology and prepare Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations.

To learn about all of that, simply click on the links and it will take you to more details. You can also always contact Ksenia via the contact form. ♥♥♥

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What You Will Find Here


If you want to dive into the world of femininity at your own pace in the comfort of your home, our online courses are for you.

Each course is built in such a way that it will gently and gradually guide you deeper in femininity related subjects – whether it is the basics of femininity, relationships, female health or spiritual development.

You will learn what to focus on, why it is important and how do to it. With a focus on holistic development, the curriculum embraces both the tangible and intangible aspects of womanhood, offering modules on physical poise, emotional intelligence, and spiritual alignment

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If you wish to work directly with me, and have time and resources to invest in yourself for a deeper, more customized work, I invite you for a consultation session with me. I have two formats: group consults and individual 1-on-1 consults.

Consultations are upon request. I offer you my guidance based on the blend of historical, cultural and contemporary perspectives. Consultation usually includes conversation, advice, exercises and new strategies for you to try and implement in your life.

All of this combined will help you get in touch with your feminine essence and wake up your womanhood.

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Experience the magic of womanhood & connect with amazing feminine women. Join our Women’s Circle & Sisterhood Sanctuary gathering. Centuries ago, all women would gather together to talk, go through rites of passages, support and nourish each other.

Our Online gatherings allow you to do all that from the comfort of your home. We share stories, wisdom & rituals that honor our womanhood and bring us the deep sense of belonging and inner peace.

These sacred practices are exclusive to the circle and are interactive. You receive practical knowledge and experience all in one place.

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What Women Are Saying


Hi! I just wanted to say that this was really helpful for me. As a young woman with a lot of pressure to have a super successful career and not get married soon, this was like a breath of fresh air. It gave me the perspective to feel okay about wanting to have a family but at the same time not feeling guilty for working. Thank you!

Much love <3


Good day lovely sister,

Your work is absolutely beautiful, I always wanted to learn more about acting more accordingly like a real lady and your blog has tremendously helped me in that regard. Thank you very much and may God bless you.


These articles have been life-changing for me. I LOVE them so much and integrate them into every part of my life, which feels natural and pure. How do you know all of this? When did you realize you had this knowledge? Thank you


The follow-up is just as succinct as the first one. I’m convinced you’re under the source’s guidance. In years, I’ve read so many articles and only a few have made me want to drop a comment. Yours is outstanding.

Thank you for explaining the balance between men and women. I wish more people would see this so that we can create harmony in the universe.

May the Creator continue to bless with light and love.


A Crystal

Hello, my sweet love! Oh my gosh, am I relieved to have found your website! I’ve been looking for almost a year for some answers that actually resonate… 

…I’m going to be 30 next week and I’ve just met someone who I can see myself having a family with. I just wish I felt like I wanted to be intimate with him. I haven’t had sex for nearly a year because of the healing and the symptoms.

Thank you so much for reminding me healing is possible and in my own hands xxx eternally grateful xxx


Your content is so powerful. Each article is an eye-opener, it redeems our sense of purpose. You are helping this world ascend, you are making our lives better. So much love and gratitude to you sister.

Please, please keep posting.

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